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2017 Sungold NEW ETFE Solar Panels
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2017 Sungold NEW ETFE Solar Panels

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2017 Sungold NEW ETFE Solar Panels

2017 NEW Rough ETFE Solar Panels - using the ETFE solar panel technology which provides ultra-thin yet UV resistant panels.

The use of anti-sticking surface, high anti-fouling, easy to clean ETFE material ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) coated solar panels a major advantage is that they are ultra-lightweight and durable. This is why the Voltaic system portable solar folder has a range of ETFE coatings that provide thin (but anti-UV) protective layers.

Sungold Solar not only offers off-the-shelf solar panels, but also offers custom solar panels of a specific size for your project or product line. Ultra-thin ETFE flexible panels are ideal for ships, cars, RVs, buses, aircraft and other deployments. Contact us to see how we can assist you in your next power supply. Sungold Flexible solar panels with ETFE technology with SunPower single crystal battery, in the photoelectric conversion to provide excellent efficiency.


Another advantage of ETFE coated boards is that dirt, dust and many other contaminants are less likely to contaminate the surface of the board; in addition, when such contamination occurs, water or damp (or some rain) will usually be removed or otherwise block the sun Reach these particles of solar panels.

The most important advantage that ETFE may protect against glass or polyurethane is to protect the weight and thickness of the coating (typically less than 5mm). The FDF coating technology reduces the size and weight of packaging and products while reducing high UV resistance during outdoor use With high reliability.

Sungold slim and rugged flexible solar panels with a single crystal battery, ideal for curved surfaces such as tents, yurts, RV and roof tops. If you would like to know more about custom solar panels for specific 

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