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From the laboratory to the industrialization of PERC battery technology
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From the laboratory to the industrialization of PERC battery technology

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From the laboratory to the industrialization of PERC battery technology " 

   The report reviews the development process of PERC battery technology from the laboratory to industrial technology, especially the realization of AiOx / SiNx deposition technology with excellent back surface passivation performance and large-scale low-cost manufacturing, laser grooving and regional Al-BSF The formation of technology and other key processes. The report also looks forward to further enhance the industrialization of PERC battery technology and future development prospects.

   "PERC battery light attenuation and other technical problems"

PERC battery can form a mainstream technology in the industry, and has a long vitality, mainly to see whether it can solve its unique attenuation problem.

Since 2012, it has been found that polycrystalline PERC batteries have a strong temperature-assisted light failure (LeTID) since the people of this attenuation phenomenon of high-intensity research, found that some of the law of light failure, and found some inhibition This method of light failure. However, there is still no way to understand this light failure. These methods of suppressing LeTID are also not validated in large-scale production in the industry. Therefore, this mechanism of light failure and its solution to explain the PERC battery can become a large-scale promotion, especially polycrystalline PERC battery can really become an important basis for industrialization.

The report will provide a review of the latest technical information on the LeTID light failure of the PERC battery so far, trying to find a solution to suppress this phenomenon and provide some new ideas for China's PV industry, especially for China Of the equipment manufacturing industry to provide some new ideas for the development of new products.

In addition, this report will discuss some of the other issues that arise with the PERC battery in the process of industrialization to stimulate discussions between domestic PERC battery manufacturers and researchers to avoid making the same mistakes when importing PERC battery technology waste.

"Double-sided solar cell technology and application"

The report will provide a comprehensive overview of the development of crystalline silicon double-sided battery (including PERC and PERT), mainstream technology, application advantages and development trends.

  "Crystal silicon PERC battery efficiency improvement approach"

Crystal silicon PERC battery due to the realization of a good back passivation, making the efficiency of crystalline silicon cells have been further improved, the current PERC battery industrialization process is currently being fully rolled out. In order to further improve the efficiency of PERC battery and realize the continuous improvement of PERC battery efficiency, this report mainly focuses on the influence of surface, metallization and device structure on PERC battery efficiency from the perspective of electron and hole transport of PERC battery. To further enhance the efficiency of PERC battery.

 Post - PERC Technology Route Discussion - PERC, Beyond

PREC solar cells in the general structure, based on the front surface of the selected emitter, the back of a layer of alumina film, and then open the laser film to improve the back of the high concentration of p-type doped layer passivation effect, making the battery conversion efficiency Get 0.5 to 1% efficiency increase. SHJ, Topcon, PERL using amorphous silicon, polysilicon, silicon oxide layer on the crystalline silicon surface to form a good passivation effect to obtain high open circuit voltage and conversion efficiency. On the other hand, IBC, MWT, Topcon and other high-efficiency solar cells use the semiconductor refinement technology to achieve a fine electrode structure, resulting in a higher conversion efficiency. Therefore, good surface passivation and fine cell structure will be further enhanced by the crystalline silicon solar cell technology direction.

In recent years, silicon-based solar cells based on the laminated structure and heterogeneous  growth of the relevant technology has gradually been concerned about this article will be proofreading from the material and structure of the post-PERC technical route to explore

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