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Sungold Solar Portable Power Supply
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Sungold Solar Portable Power Supply

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Sungold Solar High Performance ultra-lightweight 50W 100W Solar charger and Top quality and safety portable power supply for Laptops, iPhones, Tablets, Mobile Devices, Lights, Emergencies. LITHIUM Portable storage battery to store energy from a portable solar panel, USB port, or a wall outlet.
From lights to laptops, refrigerators to power tools, Sungold Solar charger with portable power supply offer you the confidence to power anything, anywhere.
The batteries in the portable power supply are in a protective enclosure with a sophisticated battery management and protection system controlling its terminals to the outside device.

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Sungold Solar Portable Power Supply System Advantages

Keep your Small Size Generator powered up from the wall or from the sun (by Sungold solar panels). The other two ways are DC power from a 12V/24V car, AC power from home wall outlet .

4 USB ports to charge electronic devices/300W pure sine AC inverters for home electronics charging with low losses/2 DC Ports for lighting/1 cigarette lighter socket for mini fridge/air compressor/1 jump starter port for 12V 4L gas car.

Max 444Wh capacity, Battery Management System prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, give you and your devices complete protection. Power supply Certification: CE/EMC TEST,FCC Testing Report, LVD, UN38.3, Battery Cell MSDS.

Can be used independently, DC 12V output, Alligator clips for power car battery, USB output for DC 12V appliance.

Informative Display Design
Get real-time usage data at a quick glance. The upgraded display features a runtime/recharge time estimator, as well as an output and input meter.

How to Charge this power supply?

3 WAYS CHARGING: refuels this generator by DC power from a 12V/24V car, AC power from home wall outlet and from solar power panel, especially using Sungold  Solar Panels to charge for free energy.

Charge by DC
1.Charge by Car on the road
Charge from 12V Car cigarette port when you are on the road

2.Charge by solar when you arrive somewhere outdoor
Charge from 18V or 36V solar panels from any brand.
100W Solar charging Power Leads to 5-7 hours charging time.
50W charging power leads to 8-10 hours charging time.

How to Charge the battery from Solar?

Step 1. Power on your portable power supply by press master power button for 2 seconds.
Step 2. Place your solar panel where it will get as much direct sunlight as possible.
Step 3. Connect  the solar panel  by solar charging cable,  then insert the  Anderson plug into  one of the INPUT ports on the left side of the portable power supply. You will know the portable power supply is charging when the number below INPUT on  LCD changes  and the battery  segments in  the LCD  BATTERY DISPLAY are  blinking.
The portable power supply is fully charged when all battery segments stop blinking and remain solid.
Step 4. You can  also connect the  portable power supply to other  brands of solar panels  using the Anderson  Power-Pole port.
Step 5. You  can  chain multiple  Solar  Panels  together  to  reduce  solar recharge  times.  Your  portable power supply is capable of taking in 120W of solar  charging power. But the solar panel voltage should be from  14V to 40V, like 18V, 36V, etc.
Step 6. NEVER charge your portable power supply with solar panels and a wall charger at the same time.
Step 7. The portable power supply will stop charging battery when it's full of energy, by the built-in  advance system control circuit module.

What can be powered by this Power Supply?

DC output
1X12V10A power car refrigerator and other car devices
2x12V3A  power laptops, LED bulbs, etc
4xUSB    charge phones, tablets, MP3 &MP4, Pads, digital cameras, bluetooth devices, etc

AC output: 2XAC outlets
1. Power various standard AC devices below 300W together
2. Pure sine wave output, same as utility power, protects electrical appliances.

Sungold Solar Portable Power Supply widely used in Home, office, Farm, Camping, Fishing for 12V lamps, Car Boosting, USB Charging Devices, 12V Car Charging Devices, 300W small appliances, E.g. juicing up your personal electronic devices, household electronics and appliances, jumping start your cars, powering up your tools, and helping you keep lights on for emergency use. It’s great to take in your RV, campsites, fishing, hunting, farm or the job sites.

Here are some common devices and their watt-hour requirements:
    Action Camera 80+ recharges
    UAV 5+ recharges
    Cellphone 30+ recharges
    Laptop 5+ recharges
    Desktop Computer 4+ Hours
    TV 4+Hours
    Tablet PC 20+ recharges
    Car Vacuum 4+ Hours
    LED Lamp 100+ Hours
    Car Refrigerator 10+ Hours
    Sweeping Robot 8+ recharges
    Handheld Vacuum 1+ Hours
    Juicer 3+ Hours
    Floor Fan 10+ Hours

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